Personal Bio

I am a Scientist :)

But started as a Psychologist (IPUSP) and on the way to be a Statistician (IME), both from São Paulo University (USP).

In 2006 finished my Master in Experimental Psychology (USP) and 2010 got my PhD in Psychology also inside USP. After that I went to Federal University of ABC (Information Engeneeiring - CMCC) for a postdoc. Also spent some time in the Un of T (University of Toronto) studing Affective Neuroscience.

Nowadays, I am a researcher inside Psychobiology Department of Federal University of São Paulo (UNIFESP) and research collaborator of the Center of Communication and Cognitive Sciences (4C) from ECA-USP.

My actual research interestes are:

  • Sleep Medicine - How neural connectivity during sleep is affected by breathing disorders, leading to some cognitve impairment? Lots of Stats and Programming \o/

  • Cog-Behav aspects of Risk Communication - How mixed quali-quanti methodologies like Eye-Tracker/EMG/ECG are associated with Psychometric measurements and Interview aproaches (Q Method and Grounded Theory)? And how yield new insights inside Communication Science based on that? Lots of Methodology, Experimental Design and Applied Statistics \o/

  • How Perception of Causality is developed through reasoning? Some Science Epistemology and lots of Interdisciplinary Psychology here!

  • Mobile Tecnology Use and Infant Development: expectations and Child Development

  • Aristotle' 4 causes and its impact on build a better Science. This is the epistemological basis of my way to do research.

Scientific reasoning is the way to make world better. And Open Science is the way to promote it!

Knowledge does not have a field. If you are just into STEM or Humanities or is Biological oriented, your are more biased than should be. These field sets are not disjointed. Merge fields is painful but worthwhile!

Thanks for visiting :)